A gigantic home centre near Kenkyu Gakuen Station. The lower level is a home centre. It is somewhat larger than the Joyful Honda in Arakawaoki, about the same size as the Moriya Joyful Honda. The upper level is a furniture and "interior" floor. Gran Stage Yamashin also has a garden centre, a pet store, and a car area called "Ken's Garage". On the lower level there is a food court with five or six different outlets, including a hamburger place, a ramen place, etc.

Has nothing to do with grandmothers.


  • Address: Omonoi 登戸44
  • Postcode: 300-2653


On Tsuchiura Gakuen Sen, go past LaLa Garden, past Route 408, past Science Odori, and then turn right at the next intersection (right after the Japan Automobile Research Institute). I think there is a sign for Banpaku Kinen Koen Station around there, but you will be going in the opposite direction from the station. The intersection that you are looking for is the next "big" intersection after Science Odori. There is a Family Mart on the southeast corner and a sign for Acqua Serena on the right. I think that if you keep looking to the right after you pass Science Odori, you should see it eventually, so if you pass it, you should realize that you have passed it.

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