Usually second-hand bikes are cheaper than buying a new one in a bicycle shop, but there is a great variety in prices even for recycled bikes. Sometimes you have to be lucky to find the type of bike you need for the right price. These are places where you can find a used bike (up to date in July 2012).

Types of Bicycles[edit | edit source]

The most common types of bikes are called:

  • Mama-bike or Mama-chari (the typical Japanese bike with a basket, 3 gears)
  • Cross-bike (between mountain and touring bike, 6 to7 gears)
  • Mountain-bike (18 to 24 gears)

Shops selling Second-Hand Bicycle[edit | edit source]

Tsukuba City Recycled Bicycle Shops[edit | edit source]

The city of Tsukuba collects abandoned bicycles and some shops repair them and sell them for good prices like 3000 to 7000 Yen. These shops are located here (up to date in July 2012):

店  名

住  所

連 絡 先

(有)井上サイクル 〒305-0005 つくば市天久保3-10-5 029-851-4362
サイクルセンターかまや 〒305-0861 つくば市谷田部2964-1 029-836-0166
サイクルショップオザキ 〒305-0067 つくば市館野598-11 029-836-1172
小田倉輪店 〒305-0821 つくば市春日4-4-9 029-852-3108
菊地輪業 〒305-0861 つくば市谷田部6166-6 029-836-1157
小林輪業 〒305-0043 つくば市大角豆2012-422 029-851-2125
中島輪店 〒305-0022 つくば市吉瀬1701-1 029-857-2673

〒305-0051 つくば市二の宮1-25-14

(low prices for recycled bikes)

荒井サイクル 〒300-4223 つくば市小田3037-1 029-867-0941

〒300-3255 つくば市玉取2611

(in July 2012, it appeared to be closed down)


〒300-3253 つくば市大曽根3088-4

(excellent address, even though it is far away,

this old man has tons of bikes for low prices)


〒300-3261 つくば市花畑3-14-133

(very few bikes)

高根沢輪店 〒300-2617 つくば市吉沼2382 029-865-0054
松崎輪店 〒300-4223 つくば市北条4296-7 029-867-0776
サイクルオートみちかわ 〒300-4223 つくば市小田2491-9 029-867-0902
宮本二輪 〒300-2617 つくば市吉沼1118 029-865-0385

See also[edit | edit source]

  • ask international students at Tsukuba University Campus, there are always people coming and going
  • an online forum ""; in Japanese only
  • Bikes are frequently offered on the TAIRA mailing list
  • a website called “Rakuten Global Market”, Category Sports & Outdoors -> Bicycle, new bikes at a low price, in english, some bikes are without shipping fee
  • a website called “Craig’s List” -> Tokyo,

does not cover Tsukuba directly,

in English

  • a website called "kijiji"; local people sell anything there
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