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The Tsukuba Area International Residents Association (TAIRA) mailing list has hundreds of members and you can usually find an answer to just about any question. The language of the list is English.

This list is highly recommended if you want to do a Sayonara Sale.

Abbreviation: TAIRA

Restrictions of Taira[]

TAIRA is a very broad-based mailing list which goes out to many non-native speakers of English. Due to some past problems, notably with a discussion of Love Hotels, jokes about spelling mistakes in non-native English speaker's posts, and complaints about the number of Sayonara Sale messages, some restrictions were made on the contents of messages that can be posted to TAIRA.

Summary of restrictions[]

  1. No discussions
  2. Messages must have a category code in the subject line
  3. Responses to messages must be off-list

Please see the Taira web page on posting rules for details.

Consequences of the restrictions[]

Because of these restrictions, other "discussion" mailing lists such as LiveTalk were started. However, none of the discussion lists has ever actually been very active. Some of the restrictions on TAIRA seem to be arbitrary, and many users clearly find the categories hard to understand. Some people might say that since the only problem was with "sale" messages, there was no real reason for the other category codes.

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