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Station of the Joban Line in Tsuchiura.

Wing Department Store is located at the station. An elevated walkway connects the West Exit of Tsuchiura Station with Urala. The bus stops are located at the West Exit. The East Exit has a gift shop at the bottom of the stairs. Lake Kasumigaura may be reached by walking northeast from the East Exit.

Tsuchiura is a terminal station, so sometimes cars are added to the trains as they arrive at the station traveling toward Tokyo. Conversely, cars are removed at Tsuchiura Station for trains destinated toward Mito.



Tsuchiura Station is in downtown Tsuchiura. Lake Kasumigaura is 200 meters to the northeast. The main police station is one kilometer to the west. Tsuchiura Main Post Office is 600 meters to the north, next to Hotel Marroad Tsukuba. Tsuchiura Station is between Arakawaoki Station and Kandatsu Station on the Joban Line.

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