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the name[]

Actually, the name is supposed to be "Hot Staff". Proof is in the now unused sign under the television. Master, being the easy-going guy that he is, says the name is actually "Hot Staff" but people can call it whatever is easiest for them.

I'm not sure if the name "Hot Staff" is a comment on the personnel, a glowing walking stick, or a Japanization taken from the romanization of "hot stuff" (hotto sutaffu).

Thanks for your comment. I mentioned this before in the top of the page. However, the roman letters say "Hot Stuff" don't they.--Ben 04:02, 9 Aug 2005 (UTC)
No, actually I don't think the name is written anywhere. The now unused electric sign under the TV says "Hot Staff", and Master says it's "Hot Staff". But as long as everyone knows what we're talking about, it's not important I guess. You can't miss the place looking from the street. Actually, debating over the name is a conversation starter there anyway.

not exactly bar[]

According to Master, Hot Staff is not actually a "bar", but a "party room".