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Sometimes called Seven & i Holdings, the parent company that owns 7-Eleven stores in Japan as well as Ito-Yokado stores and Denny's Japan.

There are more 7-Eleven stores in Japan than anywhere else in the world (nearly 17,800 as of June 2015). It has more than twice as many stores than the United States, South Korea, and Thailand, each of which have around 8,000 stores. You're sure to see plenty of 7-Elevens in Tsukuba!

7-Eleven stores in Japan also offer more products and services than those around the world.

What You'll Find[]

Typical fare at 7-Elevens include:

  • Toiletries -- personal care items, cough masks, medicines, feminine products, cosmetics
  • Household products -- various refill packs for soaps and detergents, cleaning supplies, gloves
  • Snacks and instant noodles -- crisps (chips), candy, dried fish and cuttlefish, biscuits (cookies), nuts
  • Ready-to-eat foods -- 7-Eleven gurume ("gourmet") includes packaged onigiri, sushi, sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, seafood, noodles, pasta, fried foods, pizza, breads and pastries, yogurts, and the famous 7-11 oden during the winter months
  • Ready-to-cook frozen meals -- pre-packaged meals are ready for the microwave, grill oven, or skillet. Choices include dishes like gyoza, shumai, takoyaki, spaghetti Napolitan, yakisoba, nitsuke, and various frozen vegetables, curries, stews, soups, and stir fries
  • Printed matter -- magazines (fashion, news, adult), newspapers, and manga (including Jump comics for 200 yen, Heroes, etc.)
  • Soft drinks -- juices, smoothies, chilled coffees and cafe au lait, canned coffees and teas, hot coffee, and carbonated beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages -- beer, wine, and chu-hai (canned cocktails made with whiskey, vodka, sake, umeshu, or other spirits)

Services (not available at all 7-Elevens)[]

  • Foreign currency exchange (you can withdraw Japanese yen through 7-Eleven ATM cash machines)
  • Delivery acceptance (for example, if you can't be home for your Amazon order, you can have it delivered to 7-Eleven to pick up at your convenience)
  • High-quality copying machines, printing and faxing services
  • Taxes and bill payment
  • Postal services
  • Lottery and scratch-off game cards

There's also free Wi-Fi in some stores.


Some 7-Elevens in Tsukuba:

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