Recycle shop.

Goods on saleEdit

Sells clothes, toys, furniture, handbags, sporting goods (skis etc.), baby items (pushchairs etc.)

Selling itemsEdit

Off House will buy some items from you, but the condition must be good otherwise they are not interested.


The items at Off House tend to be in good condition and the prices reflect this. They are cheaper than new items, but for clothing, the items on sale are mostly brand goods. New unbranded goods will be cheaper than these.


  • Off House Tsukuba Gakuen: In Takezono near Kasumi (map). It was closed and now there is a discount store.
Google map in Wikimapia (map)
  • Off House Tsukuba Onozaki (Wonder REX): In Onozaki near LaLa Garden, in front of McDonald's.
Google map in Wikimapia (map)
Google map in Wikimapia (map)

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