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Movie Theatres[]

Movie Schedules[]

You can find a weekly Schedule for all movies on the Joyo Living website. This and all other websites mentioned in this section are in Japanese, but you might be able to read enough to figure out what is showing if you know a few katakana characters and have good guessing skills.

Schedules can also be found on the theatre websites.

Finding the Japanese Title of a Movie[]

You want to find a movie that you've heard good things about, but you can't find it because the name of the greatest monster flick ever written has been changed to "Love and Heartache in Los Angeles". Ever happen to you? This always happens to me, so I thought that I would offer some advice about finding film titles in English and Japanese. There is a book that you might find helpful: Pia Cinema Club (around 3500 yen), published yearly. It is in Japanese, but it gives the titles of movies in English and Japanese. The index is particularly helpful.

There is also a Pia Cinema Club website, but it will only let you search for titles by their Japanese name, so it's not really all that useful.

The Tsutaya website is a bit more helpful but it is still not perfect. It will let you search for movies by their English titles, but you may have to try a few times to get what you want. I tried searching for "Monster's Ball" (because the Japanese title is "Chocolate", if you can believe it) and was unable to get it by typing in "monster's ball", but was able to choose from among the options that presented themselves when I typed in "monster" alone. Similarly, I tried to search for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I wasn't able to get it with "cuckoo", but "one flew" sent me directly to the right page. So, if you don't mind futzing about a bit, this site should prove useful. In general, I think you will have more success if you enter the first few words in the English title exactly as they appear in the title (including "the"). If you are not sure of the exact title, use the Internet Movie Database to search for the title of the movie or one of the actors in it.

Other options:

These websites are in Japanese, but you can probably use them even if your kanji reading ability is not quite ready for prime time. Get a Japanese person to walk you through the site the first time you use it and you should be fine.

Movie Reviews[]

If you would like to look up information on movies, try one of the following sites.

See also...[]


Local movie guide from Joyo Living (in Japanese).

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