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Mall 505 is a three-floor shopping mall in downtown Tsuchiura. The mall is built below the flyover Tsuchiura-Gakuen road. The mall is 200 meters northwest of Tsuchiura Station. There are still shops, bars, and restaurants in the mall. There have been fewer establishments in the mall since Urala opened. The closures of Ito Yokado and Seiyu Department Store along the east side of Mall 505 attest to the shift of retail toward Urala and other shopping centers better accessed by automobile.

Mall 505 Contains[]

  • Salo Salo Filipino market and restaurant, 3F. Reasonable lunch menu and small supermarket for Asian goods. Converts to a nightclub at night, often featuring live music performances.
  • 5's Bar. Narrow but lively shot bar, with counter and tables, occasionally featuring live acoustic musicians.
  • Kitchen & Bar SaSa, cafe bar with varying food menu. 2F.


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