Conveyor belt 100 yen sushi place. A kappa is a kind of water imp and also a raincoat, perhaps it was named after kappa maki?

You can take from the items already parading on the conveyor belt, or you can use the touch-screen computer at your seat to order specific dishes. Special orders come straight to your table on a separate track (on a plastic shinkansen train) above the general conveyor belt. Fun to watch.

Great selection of sushi and sweets. Unlike Hamazushi, all cakes are only 100 yen. Also has some other desserts for 157 yen and ice cream for 210 yen. Beer is about 500 yen.

The tea is free (as usual), but is served in bags instead of powder. Good quality.

WARNING: Every few minutes, the Kappa Zushi theme song is played. Once you leave the restaurant, you will not be able to get it out of your head for the rest of the day.


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