Part of Joyful Honda. In the Arakawaoki store, the lower floor is art materials, and the upper floor sells posters. They also have a printing and copying service. They can print name cards (meishi), New Year's Greeting Cards, giant posters, as well as name plates for your house (hyosatsu).

Calendar saleEdit

Every year from November to December, they have a calendar sale, where you can buy all kinds of different calendars and diaries. Some of the Japanese garden calendars make good souvenirs and Christmas presents for relatives back home. The sale ends rapidly in mid-January, after which it's difficult to buy any calendars or diaries in Tsukuba.

Culture schoolEdit

The Moriya branch has a so-called "culture school" offering classes in ikebana, calligraphy, painting, crafts, etc.



JOYFUL-2 Moriya branch

  • Tel. 0297 48 8050
  • Address 3-8 Matsugaoka, Moriya, Ibaraki
  • Web map

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