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Message from Martin Pauly:

I have been a member of the Ibaraki Chapter of JALT for many years and am now serving as the Program Chair of our chapter. I will say a little of what the organization offers me personally. (For more detailed information please visit our website or attend one of our local presentations, which are announced in the Alien Times and on TAIRA.) On the national level we have a 3 or 4-day national conference every October or November. This year's conference was held at Tezukayama University in Nara, drawing over 1700 participants, of whom approximately 40% were Japanese teachers and 60% non-Japanese. There are 21 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), I am especially interested in the Bilingualism SIG, the main focus of which is the raising of children bi or trilingually. Because I teach at a college I have joined the College and University Educators (CUE) SIG. (There is also a Jr/Sr HS SIG.) Also, I enjoy the Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) SIG which has an annual conference. (Last spring it was at Tokiwa U in Mito.) On the local level we have a presentation every other month. The presentations are always on Sunday afternoons. The meeting site rotates between 4 cities; Tsukuba Women's University in Tsukuba, the Ulara Bldg across from Tsuchiura Station in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki University or Mito Shimin Kaikan in Mito, and Ibaraki Christian University in Hitachi. Attendees need not be teachers. (There is no registering of affiliation or showing of IDs.) The organization purposely chose the name "for Language Teaching" and not "of Language Teachers" to clarify this distinction. As presentation content may range from classroom teaching, to children's language problems, to using computers, if there is a lecture of interest to you, feel free to attend.


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