Tsukuba Wiki

Jim Jones[]

I provide private English lessons for conversation, travel or business. My hourly rate is very reasonable, and there are no hidden extras. For details, or a FREE sample lesson, please contact me by email.[]

Peggie L[]

am a Chinese Canadian, has previous English and Chinese teaching experience in Canada. willing to teach in groups or individuals. all age welcome. different teaching materials (for English or Mandarin lesson) for different needs. for detail please contact penguin.english@yahoo.ca

Daniel S[]

bored, wants to 'explore the world', teach english for money or whatever. etc... Can speak english, and can teach; have experience. email: goslo@rocketmail.com

Joanne Jung[]

Korean, studied in Canada and Switzerland. English teacher for a year in Korea. I would like to teach English in Tsukuba. e-mail address: awhgnas@hotmail.com

Nick Thomas[]

American, 3-Year B.A. Psychology, TESOL

Teaching privately for individuals or groups. Conversational English, Business English, English for Travelling, Teaching Children, etc.

e-mail: doublecheck123@yahoo.ca

Aneesh Chand[]

Currently a PhD Candidate; formerly a lecturer in Electronic Engineering (not in Japan though), have formal teacher-training credentials

Although I'm not a native speaker of English, I received my entire education in the English language. I've also written a book chapter for a major publisher (Springer), published numerous papers and have been a reviewer for an international conference.

I'm looking to teach individuals or small groups (I currently teach an individual here in Tsukuba).

My email is: achand007@gmail.com