This is the alcoholic's dream bar. The most yip for your yen in town. Just add "Mumbo Jumbo" to a regular mixed drink order (gin & tonic or rum & coke) and for ¥500 you'll get knocked on yer butt. Not for pussies.

The master/otou-san/papa (depending how well you know him) is the old man of the business. He keeps a very clean kitchen (yes, I've checked) but the rest of the place spells DIVE. Chaos reigns. After two or three mumbo jumbos, no one seems to care. Good place to meet fellow hard core drinkers and, surprisingly, entrepreneurs. He's a walking encyclopedia of info about the Japanese system and young up and comers come to pick his brains. No one knows how or why he stays in business. Hot Staff is a real head scratcher but as long as he's serving Mumbo Jumbos, he'll always have a few customers.


Opposite Doho Park on Doho Park Avenue near Seven-Eleven. Gold Rush is downstairs

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