Getting shopping delivered to your home.

Coop/pal systemEdit

These are the trucks with "pal system" and pictures of cows on the sides which you often see around Tsukuba. This is a home grocery delivery service used by many Japanese people. The basic cost is about 300 yen per week which is for delivery of the catalogues, so if you are not sure whether you'll be using it a lot it might be better not to start.

In general the food quality is higher than that of supermarkets and it is delivered to your door. The cost of the goods is proportionately greater, probably about 20% more than the equivalent supermarket price. Also offers catalogue shopping for various items.

Very unfortunately everything is in Japanese. Ordering is via a form on which you write what groceries you want and they arrive the following week.

Recommended is the Coop bread and milk and fruit.

Seven MealEdit

Similar to Pal, but you order food by set menus. Run by Seven Eleven.


Same as Seven Menu, but not run by Seven Eleven.

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