Day care centers are classified into three categories:

  1. public (run by the city)
  2. private and certified (run by a private company, but certified by the Japanese government)
  3. private and non-certified (run by a private company)

If you want your child to attend the day care center full time (all weekdays, 8:30am to 5:30pm, extensions available until 7pm), a public day care might be the most inexpensive option. The cost for public day care depends on the family income. Low-income families pay about 40,000 yen per month. Higher-income families pay about 60,000 yen per month. If the family has a second child, there will be a 50% discount for that child's fees.

The costs for private (certified and non-certified) day care centers depend on the services they provide. If you need day care on a part-time basis, it is probably cheaper to use a private day care center.

The Japanese fiscal/school year starts in April, so it is better to start arranging for your child's entrance to the day care center (especially public day care centers) before April. It is difficult to get permission to enter public day care centers in other months because the number of students is strictly limited and there are many people on the waiting lists.

Please see the city hall website for more information.

Day Care Centers in TsukubaEdit

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