Preventing cockroachesEdit

Very Simple: Clean your home every day. Don't leave open trash, unwashed dishes, or unrinsed bottles and cans in your home. The hard part is encouraging your neighbor to do the same! If all else fails, buy a tube of caulk at Joyful Honda or D2 (next to Asse) and seal every crack in every baseboard and behind every kitchen counter in your home. My first year in Japan was hell in a dormitory, but after strictly keeping to the above techniques I haven't seen a cockroach in my home for the last 12 years. Now if we could only say the same thing for local restaurants...

Ways to deal with cockroachesEdit

Kill them all! No, seriously, see above and just prevent them....much better. Failed? See below...


Cardboard cockroach trap. Highly effective at trapping cockroaches. Sold in most supermarkets and home centres.

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