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After living here for several years, I would like to recommend the cake store in Dayz Town. I have had all these cakes from the recommended stores and they just haven't been that delicious. They are all beautiful, but definitely lack flavor of the rich cakes I have tasted from all over the world. What sets them apart from the other cake stores is that the cake is soft and rich and full and the frosting comes from fresh cream. This is definitely a good way to pick up a good cake and surprise your friends and especially Japanese friends from a not-so-known place. They compare in price to everywhere else. -- Martin

Strange, didn't know the name of the place was Cheesecake Monogatari (Cheesecake story). The cake I had from there was nothing like a cheesecake, they used really good fresh cream (nama cream). If they have cheesecakes there, I am unaware, but sounds good.--Martin

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