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The categories in our wiki are only meaningful if they include all (or at least most) of the articles that are relevant to that topic. To that end, it is necessary for (experienced) editors to have an understanding of the structure of the categories in the Tsukuba Wiki. If these rules are followed fairly carefully, the maintenance of the wiki should be kept to a minimum.

Base Categories[]

Base categories should be large (at least 20 or 30 expected articles) or there should be a clear need to make a distinction from other base categories that already exists (eg. Money). Also, each base category should be linked from the front page of the Tsukuba Wiki (either by a direct link to the category, or a link to a page that has a list of entries.)

Whenever you are thinking of making a new category, please consider whether it should be a NEW base category, or if it can fit under one of the base categories that we already have.

Every article should be included in at least ONE base category. Base categories are considered to be "required".

All category names should have every word in the name capitalized.


Subcategories should have at least 10 expected articles. If there aren’t enough articles to warrant a subcategory, the items should stay in the base category.

Whenever an article is labeled with a subcategory, it should also be labeled with its base category.

Whenever you are thinking of making a new subcategory, please consider whether there will be enough entries to make the subcategory meaningful, or whether the base category is good enough.

Subcategories are considered to be "optional", but to be used whenever there is one available.

Some subcategories fit into more than one category.

Occasionally, something that is a base category (eg. Events) may fit under another base category as a subcategory (eg. Entertainment), but this is the exception rather than the rule.

All subcategory names should have every word in the name capitalized.

List of Base Categories and Subcategories[]

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