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Transfering Money Abroad[]

  • Post Offices: At any post office you can buy International Postal money orders payable in US dollars for up to $700 (per single money order paper filled in). However, if you want to send more than that, just tell the staff the amount you want to send, and they will give you as many money order papers as you need. I have sent USD$2100 with one application form to fill out, but then 3 money orders to fill out (similar to writing 3 checks for $700 each). The limit is the amount of US Dollars that ONE check (money order) can be. The limit on sending is about 100,000 per transaction, if my recall is correct (they also change the rules from time to time). A good idea is to ask at the Post Office Banking counter for a "soukin" (money transfer) booklet in English. It explains the limits and other things with visuals of the Japanese forms to fill in, with English explanations of what to fill in where. (It is a small booklet, but it is multilingual with English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, etc. in it.) The cost of the Postal Money Orders is based on daily bank exchange rates and there is a small fee for making the money order. Convenient for paying bills back home that require check payment if you no longer have a checking account back home, or for sending regular payments to your account back home if you don't have electronic transfer. Also, there is a way to wire money to your bank overseas but you need to know your home country bank's "routing number" as well as your account number for the Post Office to do this.
  • Joyo Bank Gakuen Toshi branch, in the AiAi Mall, 2nd floor, handles foreign exchange for most major currencies. They also make out bank checks for any amount, and sell American Express traveler's checks.

Transfering money from abroad[]

Credit Cards[]

It can sometimes be difficult for foreign residents to get a credit card in Japan. Here are some cards you can apply for.

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