Asse is a big shopping centre in Yatabe.

Shops in AsseEdit

Lower floorEdit

  • A big Kasumi with bakery.
  • A vegetable and meat market called New Quick next to Kasumi.
  • A glasses shop,
  • A lottery outlet,
  • A beer and wine shop
  • A curry restaurant Ichibanya
  • A sushi restaurant Kappa Zushi
  • Shoes Center Tsuchiura - a shoe shop with great sale prices and reasonable regular prices
  • A mobile phone shop
  • Kasumi Travel Center
  • McDonald's and other fast-food places around a food court area.
  • A rest area with a television and benches.
  • A Takarabune cake shop
  • A take-away sushi shop.
  • Two gift shops.
  • A clothing repair shop.
  • Heiando Seal Shop.
  • A cosmetics shop.
  • A jewellery shop.
  • A dry cleaner shop
  • A photo shop. Does passport photos etc.

Upper floorEdit

  • A Yuuhodo bookshop
  • Several Clothes Shops.
  • A Seria hundred yen shop
  • A hair salon
  • A dental clinic
  • A play area for children
  • An amusement arcade.
  • A kimono shop
  • A computer school (uses video instruction)
  • A feeding and changing room for small children


In Kami Yokoba at the junction of Route 354 and Science Odori in Yatabe.

Mapion Map of Asse

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