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[Plaza] Location Edit

  • Namki 4 Chome, 15-1
  • Postcode: 305-0044
  • Directions: From Tsukuba Center, drive south on Higashi Odori. Follow Route 55 (Higashi Odori) and you pass JAXA, NIMS and AIST. Just before you meet Route 354, you will find Joyo Bank on the right side and two mansions on the left side. On the traffic light turn to the left and the 5 story building with red brick is the AAA Plaza mansion. Follow the map here.


If you are coming to Tsukuba for business, research, conference or short visit of the Science city and would like to stay in a furnished, conveniently located and comfortable guest house, AAA Plaza is your first choice. AAA Guest House is a walking distance from JAXA, NIMS, AIST and other major research and convention centers in Tsukuba. You can share the guest house with your friends as well. The houses have high speed internet connection and facilities to cook with nice views of the city and its surrounding areas.

We welcome guests and try to make you feel at home away from your home.

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  • Tel: 029-889-8759

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